Week 33

It's been a fun week of purchasing baby items (yay gift cards!), taking inventory of what we have and what we need, and learning all about cloth diapering. I'm in full on nesting mode and I can't wait until the nursery is all set up. This is the fun part of pregnancy that makes all the aches and pains worth it. We also finished up our birthing class this week. It was a really great and informative class. I think Alex will be a great coach and hopefully labor and delivery will be a good experience. Now we just have to practice what we learned, all the breathing techniques and different laboring positions.

For this week's photo we headed to our friend's house. Shannon lives on 33rd avenue just a block down from our house. Jaxon and I sometimes walk over there to hang out. Shannon is a great friend to us and I'm so glad that she's our neighbor. She's sweet and kind and I love having her as a friend. She's also a talented photographer, specializing in children and family photography. Check her out.