Week 35

This week in the pregnancy has certainly been an interesting one. I was hoping to show you pictures of the baby's room this week (since we finally had everything ready!) but the flooding issue I blogged about previously has put a halt to those plans. Oh well. You'll have to wait a little while longer.

I've been growing increasingly uncomfortable and I can't believe there's still about a month to go. I kind of don't know what to do with myself. Other than pre-washing all the cloth diapers, I'm pretty much ready for baby to be here. I keep having dreams about labor and delivery. In one that I had last night I had a fast delivery (just a few hours, wouldn't that be nice?!) and Liam turned out to be a girl so we changed his name to Isabel. Hah. I definitely would not want that to happen. I've fallen in love with this little boy in my belly and will be very confused if a girl pops out.

My back pain is pretty much constant, sleeping consistently throughout the night isn't happening, my appetite is kind of up and down, and I have to pee constantly. But I'm really okay with all of that because my boy is healthy ad growing and always wiggling around. I guess that's a mama's love. Liam is pretty much done developing all his organs, etc and is now just putting on weight. Hopefully he doesn't put on too much weight! It's crazy to think that he could be born at any moment and be perfectly healthy. I'm hoping he'll bake a little longer though...at last until my mom arrives to help us out.

For this week's picture we went to Platter River on 35th. I've seen people kayaking and even swimming in this river. People bring their dogs here to have some water play time...Jaxon isn't a water dog...we tried once and it didn't work out. There's also a bike trail along the river. Maybe I'll bring my good ol' bike out here once the baby is born. I also wouldn't mind giving kayaking a try. For now I'll just enjoy looking at the water.

[It's been raining every day this week, which is why I have the umbrella]