flooding update...yep, another one

We had another crazy storm last night. It was scary. I haven't seen that much lightning in a long time. The water was just pouring down and once again it was seeping into Liam's room. Fortunately, we were prepared this time! We knew exactly where it would be coming in from so we armed ourselves with towels and a wet vac and soaked up as much water as we could as it was coming in. We did a pretty good job and thankfully the carpet is just a little moist and only right next to the exterior wall.

Still waiting to hear back from our insurance...though it looks like they may not cover anything...lame. Either way, I woke up in a pretty good mood this morning because we were able to prevent a lot of damage to the room. I know many people haven't been quite so lucky. So yeah, it sucks, and it's inconvenient, but we're blessed to not have any considerable damage to any of Liam's furniture. Now I'm just praying no mold starts growing in there while we wait to get it fixed. Mold is gross.

Thanks for prayers, friends. We truly appreciate them!