Week 36

It's hard to believe how fast the weeks seems to be rolling by. I've started my weekly midwife appointments. This week's appointment was great. Liam is still healthy and growing. The midwife felt my belly and determined that he's approximately 5.5-6 pounds and he's in the head down position. But he's also "sunny side up." It's not a huge problem, but if he stays in that position for labor it'll be extra painful. From what I hear back labor is no picnic. She gave me some exercises to do to hopefully move him to the anterior position. 

We also found a pediatric practice that we really like for Liam. We were able to tour the facility and ask questions about their philosophies and I think we'll really like this place. They seem to be really open with their patients and willing to take the time to discuss everything to make the parents comfortable. They have an integrative approach to medicine that I really appreciate. 

For this week's photo we went just two blocks down from our house to Schafer Park. Jaxon and I walk here everyday. There's a lot of grass and trees and a little playground for kids. I imagine when Liam is here we'll all walk down together. I love that Denver is full of parks and playgrounds and that we don't even have to get into our car to enjoy one of these lovely parks.