Goodbye Red

Jaxon isn't the only one who made a trip to the salon this week. I decided that it was time for me to say goodbye to the red hair. I love red hair. I'm jealous of every natural redhead in this world. It's such a unique, fun, vibrant color. So for the past year I was attempting to fit in with all the beautiful redheads out there...but it's high maintenance...especially for a girl like me with such naturally dark hair.

So with Liam on the way I decided that it was time for a more low-maintenace color that I wouldn't have to worry about retouching so much. I visited The Parlour in the Highlands and met with Chad to figure out what to do with my mane. Let me just say, I loved my experience. The salon itself has a great atmosphere and Chad was amazing to work with. He's so friendly and talented. I'm relieved that after six months of living in Denver I have finally found my hair stylist. Every girl knows how important the hairstylist-client relationship is. You have to find the perfect match!

In the end we dyed my hair very dark (close to my natural color) and left a few medium brown pieces sticking out underneath to add a bit of dimension. Next time we may try to make those pieces a bit more blonde.

It was fun being a redhead for a while and maybe some day I'll give it another shot, but for now I'm loving my dark color...we all know I can't go too long without changing my hair up just a little bit. ;-)