Week 37

We've made it to full term! That means Baby can come any time now and he'll be perfectly fine. I have to say though, I don't feel he'll be coming any time soon. I haven't had any signs of labor, not even braxton hicks. Oh well, I'm okay with that. I really want him to wait until my mom's in town.

So here's a quick update on the nursery in case you were wondering... Insurance isn't covering anything, but that's okay because there honestly was not much damage done. We're very blessed. We have decided to buy a window bubble for that window to hopefully prevent any water from leaking through. We have also contacted a carpet cleaning company to take care of that room and leave it looking and smelling good. They're coming on Monday which means we have to move all the furniture out. That's right. We have to take everything out of that room and then put it all back again. A tedious process but that means the room will be absolutely perfect once Liam makes his arrival. 

Also, I've been sooo procrastinating on packing my hospital bag. I debated even packing one since so many people say you won't need half the stuff you bring. But yesterday I finally made a list of the essentials and will be putting it all together this week. Any final recommendations from the mamas out there? 

For week 37 we wanted to introduce you to 37th ave. in Stapleton. This is one of the newer communities in Denver and actually used to be Denver's main airport. They've torn that down and built a whole new community with lots of nice residences, businesses, schools, etc. This Denver neighborhood is filled with the cutest little houses you'll ever see. It's also a bit on the ritzy side so we probably wouldn't ever live there. I think the best part of Stapleton, though, is that this is the location of the Super Target we frequent. I looove Super Target and having one just ten minutes from my front door is great.