rain gutter bookshelves

In an effort to keep costs down with the nursery I've been looking all over the internet for inexpensive DIY ideas. I stumbled upon these ideas on babble.com and fell in love with the rain gutter bookshelves featured. I showed the idea to Alex and he was on board. We went down to Home Depot, paid five bucks for a long rain gutter, and Alex cut them down to size at home using a saw. He drilled them to the wall the other night and it looks great! I love how easily accessible the books will be for Liam. And I really love how inexpensive and easy this was to do. Tomorrow I'll be going down to the used book store to see what children's books I can find. I hope they have a good selection.

The nursery is allllmost finished, which is good because we've only got about a month to go until Liam is here! Can't wait to share the finished product.