Well, it seems we have a slight flooding problem in Liam's room...

Yesterday, after enjoying a gorgeous sunny morning with my husband on his day off, we arrived at home just in time before the sky turned black and hail and rain came pouring down. All the thunder and lightning was pretty scary but I was relieved we had made it home and taken Jaxon on a walk before all the craziness ensued. We decided to check on Liam's room since just a few weeks before, our neighbor who lives on the other side of the duplex had experienced a pretty bad flooding problem in the bedroom downstairs. I walked into Liam's room and there were little wet spots on the carpet. I still didn't think it was the rain...I thought maybe Jaxon had a few accidents while we were gone...but upon further inspection we realized the rain water was seeping in through the floor on the side of the room that faces the outside. It got pretty bad. That entire side of the room quickly became soaked and we moved everything out of there so it wouldn't get damaged. We tweeted what was going on and soon the Barleys braved the flooded streets of Denver (the streets were seriously like rivers!) and came over to help Alex build a make-shift tarp to cover the window to the room. They also helped us lay down towels on the carpet to soak up the moisture. Soon after that the Turneys (who just moved here this week!) offered to let us use their wet vac to really soak up all that water. So Alex worked really hard last night and some this morning before going to work to get that room dry. It's still a little wet but much better than it was before.

We have someone coming out this afternoon to take a look at the window, basement, room, etc to see what the problem is and how to fix it asap! The fact that our baby is due in about a month makes me both annoyed and grateful... I'm annoyed because this feels like the last thing I need to worry about when I'm making final preparations for our boy to join us in this home. But I'm also grateful it happened now and not when the baby is here and living in that room. No first-time mom wants to deal with a newborn and a flood problem at the same time. I probably would have broken down into tears if that were the case.

I'm thankful for friends who helped us out yesterday and for everyone who offered up prayers. I think the situation is really not as bad as it could have been had we not discovered the leak early on. And I'm confident that the problem will be fixed and we will no longer have flooding issues to deal with. My only prayer now is that it isn't too expensive. Having a baby is expensive enough without adding all these extra costs to it. Either way, God will bring us through it and soon this will just be a memory that we will share with Liam when he's older.

Again thank you everyone for your help and prayers...please continue to pray that no more water comes in the room (it's supposed to rain all weekend and into next week) and that we can fix the problem as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.