ode to grandparents

My mom arrived in Denver just two days before Liam was born. I'm glad she's been here for the whole Liam ride because she has been an enormous help. I really can't imagine surviving the past two weeks without her. She's displayed so much patience and wisdom. I call her the baby whisperer. She's only going to be in town for another week and I'm already dreading her departure. Thankfully Alex's mom will arrive the same day my mom is leaving and I'm sure she'll be a big help as well. Also, my dad has been in town the past couple days (he's leaving today though!) and he has also been so helpful. He obviously loves his grandbaby and his eyes light up whenever he gets to hold Little Liam.

Again, I can't imagine doing it without the help of these amazing grandparents. If only I could somehow convince them to stay forever. :-)

Liam on his activity mat. 

A photo of my mom and dad in Frisco yesterday:

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