baby's first oatmeal

I was going to wait until Liam's half-birthday (six months) to introduce solids but I kept watching him and he seemed so ready. He sits up like a champ, he watches us like a hawk every time we eat, he's more than double his birth weight... So I went out and bought some Earth's Best oatmeal (I thought the rice cereal might constipate him, and this kid barely poops as it is), bowls, and spoons. Last night I was finally brave enough to give it a go. Well, he loved it! He got so excited about eating. His face would light up every time I brought the spoon up from the bowl full of yummy oatmeal goodness. He would even try to grab the spoon from my hand and keep it in his mouth. It's safe to say that oatmeal was a big hit. So we'll have to make it part of our nightly routine. My baby is growing up.

Kristel Acevedo1 Comment