the importance of an education

I was reading one of those baby message boards the other day (usually a waste of time, but hey) and a woman was asking how a stay-at-home mom can emphasize the importance of an education to her children when she doesn't even have a job.


Now I will admit that when I became a stay-at-home mom I had conflicting feelings. I did well in high school and was able to go to college on a scholarship where I earned my degree in Psychology. After that I went to seminary and earned my Master's degree in Biblical Counseling. Education has always been important to me. Growing up it was never a question if I would go to college or not. It was assumed and expected that I would go to college and that I would then go to grad school. I was supposed to have a fabulous career after that but when I got pregnant I realized that staying at home with my child was more important to me than getting my career started. And God has blessed us so that I can do that. Alex works very hard to provide for us and I help out by working part-time from home.

That's beside the point. The point is, just because I'm a stay-at-home mom doesn't mean that I am sending a message to my son that getting an education is a waste of time. I learned so much in college and seminary, and not just about my field. I took all kinds of classes in college: photography, dance, Latin American studies, history of the Beatles (yes, really), women's studies, history of jazz, sociology, etc. I learned a lot about all kinds of things. It was fun and interesting and gave me something to talk about with many different people. In seminary I took various counseling classes that have helped me understand people better and (hopefully) help them. I also took various theology and Bible interpreting classes that enriched my relationship with God.

Getting a job after getting an education is a nice perk...but it's not everything. If I end up never getting a job for the rest of my life, those years will not have been wasted. I grew as a person during those six years. I learned...I experienced new things...I had a hell of a lot of fun. And if I do decide to get a job someday then I'll have my degrees to help me out with that. So I think my son will be able to see in me that getting an education is important, whether I have a job or not. He'll be able to see that because I'll be able to answer his questions about the world around us (or at least point him to a book that has the answer!) and I'll be able to tell him stories about everything I learned in college and seminary.

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