five months

Liam is five months old today and I love him more than ever. Although right now he's being a whiny, fussy, cranky baby. Probably a combination of teething and jet lag. Sighhh.

Liam continues to amaze me with how much he develops each day. He has his two bottom teeth already! They popped out just before we left to Miami for the holidays. And he is the most observant baby I've seen. He hates to be bored. He likes a challenge. He constantly wants to be doing something. He really requires my full attention most of the day. He likes holding things and putting them in his mouth. He has pretty good motor skills.

His sleeping is still terrible. He wakes up constantly throughout the night. Sometimes he's just awake and playing in his bassinet like it's not three in the morning. I kind of want to do some sort of sleep training but I'm so scared to do anything for some reason. Most of the time I just nurse him back to sleep because it works and fast. Eh, I will have to do some research.

This kid loves to stand. He constantly wants to be standing and jumping. I think he might just skip crawling (since he still hates being on his tummy) and go straight to walking. We'll see. He can also sit up by himself for a few seconds before toppling over. 

He's still exclusively breastfed and thriving. I feel very fortunate to have such a great breastfeeding relationship with my son. It hasn't been an easy journey but it's definitely been worth it. I'll have to devote a separate blog post about it.

So here is Liam's five month photo...that smile makes me melt every time!