Week 17 - Take 2

The belly is growing! I got my first comment from a stranger last week asking me how far along I am. It's always nice when other people can start noticing that you're actually pregnant. 

The baby is the size of a turnip now! And if we wanted we could get an ultrasound to tell if it's a boy or a girl...but we're waiting until week 20 (that's when we found out with Liam and my mom will be in town). So we have our appointment set up for October 29th! It seems so far away, but I know it'll be here before we know it. 

I have to admit that I haven't been enjoying this pregnancy as much as my first. There's just nothing like a first pregnancy. I remember taking lots of naps and having breakfast in bed every morning. Now I'm chasing and carrying a one-year old around and it just adds so much more stress to the pregnancy. My back/hips ache a lot. I'm exhausted (especially because Liam has regressed in his sleeping again). I often feel guilty that I'm just not that excited about Baby #2. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to expanding our family. I know we are blessed, so incredibly blessed, but I'm just too tired to look at baby stuff online or stop to talk to the baby in my belly. I'm working hard to change my attitude, so just pray for me, folks. 

Here is week 17 in the belly series.