14.5 months of breastfeeding

When Liam was around 11 months I started transitioning him from breast milk to almond milk. Dropping that first feeding (he was nursing four times a day at this time) wasn't too bad. Dropping the second feeding was a little harder. We were down to just a morning feeding and a bedtime feeding by his first birthday. I decided I would let him drop those feedings on his own. I wanted this to be as smooth a transition as possible. He actually surprised me by dropping his morning feeding pretty quickly and without any drama, but I thought he would be nursing at bedtime forever. Haha. At least that's what it felt like sometimes.

We've been having some sleep issues lately (no surprise there, this boy is constantly having sleep issues) so one night this week I decided I didn't feel like fighting the bedtime battle. Alex was working late so I brought Liam to bed with me. We nursed and he fell asleep in my arms. It was sweet and he looked so precious and innocent. He slept in our bed until 7am the next morning. The next evening he kind of half nursed but I could tell he wasn't really feeling it. The next two nights he refused to nurse at all. So I guess we're done.

The down side is he won't fall asleep nursing anymore, it made bedtime so easy! But we've been successful at rocking him to sleep. We've also transitioned him to a twin bed (the boy just hates his crib) so I think we have an official big boy on our hands. Now if only he would learn to walk already! I'm so proud of how far we made t with breastfeeding. We had a really tough beginning but we forged ahead and figured it out. We ended up having a really beautiful breastfeeding relationship. I'm also glad we had such a peaceful transition. No tears. No fuss. It was just the right time for both of us.

Now I have a good 4/5 month break until the next baby arrives and we start all over again. I'm praying for an easier time than I had with Liam and I'm hopeful for a great breastfeeding relationship with Baby #2 as well. Now that I've had this experience with Liam I know how amazing it is to be able to nurse your baby and I'm really looking forward to doing it all again.