Inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet.

I'm back with another 'Currently' post. I love writing these because it's a great way to give a little update on what's going on around here without getting too long and least I hope it's not long and boring!

Loving: Watching Liam turn into a big boy. In one week's time he weaned completely from the breast, transitioned from a crib to a twin bed, and took his first steps. We also went to a birthday party where he crawled away from me to play with the other kids and didn't look back at me once! I was able to chat with friends and even go to the bathroom while he played happily and didn't even notice me. My baby is growing up! Oh, and I think we have left the biting phase! He hasn't tried to bite anyone in a long time. Instead he goes up to random kids and gives them the point of suffocating them, but it's sweet! He still tries to grab people's faces though. We're working on it. 

Hating: All this presidential election stuff. It really makes people act ugly and say unkind things (yes, even me). I don't feel good about any of my options and I'm left feeling a little dejected and annoyed with everyone (hah). I can't wait for this season to be over and I will pray for God's will to be done concerning the election. He is in control.

Reading: Creating With God. Oh this book is such a blessing. I've teared up several times reading it. Being pregnant this time around hasn't been easy for me...I'm struggling with a lot of crazy emotions and this book has been so refreshing. All my mama and mama-to-be friends should read it.

Watching: The new seasons of Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Real Housewives of Miami (I know, terrible), and Married to Jonas (they're cute haha). Yeah, I like TV, sue me.

Thinking About: Change. We've gone through so many changes in a relatively short amount of time. Really, our whole marriage has been one change after another without ever getting the chance to fully settle in to one way of life. We're exhausted and yearning for stability. At the same time I feel like I need to make a change within myself. Honestly, I've been depressed for a long time. Maybe it started off as post-partum depression (undiagnosed) that has spiraled out of control. But for over a year now I've had a dark cloud hanging over my head. There are good days... I know I am blessed...and I love my little boy more than you could ever imagine. It's hard to describe this feeling I have and can't shake. I know most people don't/can't understand...and believe me, I wish I could snap out of it. I've confided in very few people about my depression...I think even Alex wasn't fully aware of the extent of it until recently...and I've been trying to deal with it, but I'm just at a loss now. I even considered medication, but being that I'm pregnant now, I don't really feel comfortable with that. I have been to counseling a few times and plan to go back. Like I said, I need to make a change within myself.

Wow, that's a lot of stuff I wasn't planning on sharing...but for the sake of honesty and transparency, there it is. Thanks for keeping up with me, folks. Be blessed.