Week 18 - Take 2

Oh we've been such busy bees lately. It's hard to slow down and process this pregnancy...it feels like it's just flying by. It scares me because WE'RE NOT READY YET. On the one hand, I know we don't need much for a newborn...some diapers, a place to sleep...and lots of snuggles...that's it really...but I can't help but feel stressed. With Liam I had everything set and ready to go long before he was due...this baby has nothing yet. I'm partly waiting until we find out the gender. If we are having a boy then I need to see what I have left from Liam's old clothes (I gave a lot away to a friend in Denver who just had a little boy of her own)...and if we're having a girl then I have some shopping to do! ;-) 

By the way, we find out in just TWO weeks if it's another Little Man or a Little Lady. What are your predictions, folks? 

I have yet to feel the baby move. :-( I think I felt Liam around 18 or 19 weeks so I was hoping I would have felt this one by now. Sometimes I think I feel something but when I stop to try and concentrate nothing happens. So who knows. I'll be more certain when the movements are more consistent. Maybe this baby is just more chill than Liam is. One can only hope! Also, I can still squeeze into many of my jeans but it's getting quite uncomfy...I need to invest in a pair or two of maternity jeans pronto. And my back pain is still killer. I have an appointment with the chiropractor today which will include a 30 minute massage. I hope it helps!

Here is this week's photo...pardon my wet hair, like I said we've been busy and trying to just squeeze in these photos when we can.