Week 16 - Take 2

Week 16 and moving along just fine in this pregnancy! I'm still tired, but not as tired as I was in the first trimester. I think I'm mostly tired because I have a very active one-year old who keeps me on my toes all day long. Let's face it, I'm going to be tired for the rest of my life, especially with two kiddos! I've also been having headaches a lot lately. I'm trying to drink more water, hopefully that will decrease the pain. 

Baby Ace 2.0 is about the size of an avocado now (mmm...avocado...). I have yet to feel any kind of movement from the baby. I believe I didn't feel Liam moving around until 18 or 19 weeks, but I was hoping since it's my second pregnancy I would feel the baby by now! I can't wait. There really is nothing like feeling your tiny baby swimming around your belly. It's a magical feeling. I'm also anxious to find out the gender of this little babe! I'm hoping to get my anatomy ultrasound around 20 weeks, which is only four weeks away! I just know it's going to fly by, but still. I'm nervous. Obviously I'll love this baby whether it's a boy or girl, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a Little Lady. We'll see.