Missing Fall

I'm grateful to be back in Miami. Truth be told, I love Miami weather. I'm a tropical girl and could sit out in the sun for hours. I love being able to go swimming in January. I love not having to pull on snow boots and scarves and hats and gloves. I love wearing sandals year-round. It was fun to experience snowy winters but having to live in that mess year after year just isn't for me. 
But I do miss Fall, specifically North Carolina in the Fall. It's so beautiful. The trees are all sorts of amazing in their red/yellow/orange foliage. The air is so crisp. The weather cools down but it's still warm enough in the afternoons to sit outside and just enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. It's an amazing time of year and I'm glad I was able to experience it. Living now in the land of eternal summer I yearn to experience just one crisp Fall day cuddled up with my boys in our cozy sweaters... We will definitely have to make some special family trips up north, to the South, just to enjoy Fall. 
The lake and trees by our apartment in North Carolina - Fall 2008.