Week 19 - Take 2

You guys, I'm practically hafway done with this pregnancy! And next week we find out if this baby is a boy or a girl. I'm so nervous, I almost don't want to know. I think I will tell the tech to just write it down and put it in an envelope. I'd really like to read it in private with just Alex so we can process it all on our own. :-) 

Baby is the size of a mango and I'm finally feeling movement on a regular basis. The movements are still very small but they're definitely there. It's reassuring to me because I was beginning to worry. I was afraid something might be wrong because I wasn't feeling the baby move, but I guess all is well! In any case we will make sure of that when we get our ultrasound next week. 

So here is Week 19! Fun Fact: Liam peed all over the front of this shirt right before we had to take this photo. No time to clean the shirt so we had to soldier on. Being a mom is SO glamorous.