Week 20 - Take 2

Halfway point! I love reaching the halfway point in pregnancy. Just think of how quickly these 20 weeks have gone by, the next 20 weeks are going to fly! Soon we'll have a precious Little Lady to snuggle and fall deeply in love with. 

This week we found out Baby Ace 2.0 is a GIRL. All the hoping and wishing and praying paid off. ;-) I can't wait to buy a few lovely items for my lovely gal. I'm not too into pink, but I can appreciate girly stuff like flowers and headbands and ruffly dresses. 

The ultrasound tech said baby girl is already weighing in at 13 oz. I know they're not always right about these things, but if she is then that means Izzy is a big girl! As for me, I really can't complain with this pregnancy. I'm feeling pretty good. I'm tired, but mostly because I don't get to sleep as much as I'd like to (thanks Liam). I also have pretty bad back pain but I'm managing it with regular chiropractor visits, nightly heating pad, and the occasional Tylenol if it gets really bad. Overall though, this is the best part of pregnancy...not too big and uncomfortable, no nausea, just cruising through the weeks. 
Here is Week 20! Fun Fact: This week instead of pee, I had yogurt and oatmeal on the front of my shirt, courtesy of my Little Man. Gotta love him.