Trick or Treat!

You may recall last year I made a sushi costume for Liam and he was absolutely adorable. But otherwise Halloween wasn't very eventful...this year we were able to go trick or treating! Alex worked a half day and came home early so I could go to my 20 week midwife appointment (everything is great with the baby by the way!). After Liam's nap and dinner we got dressed up and headed out for some Halloween fun.

Liam was the cutest little prisoner with tattoo sleeves! Alex was Sgt. Angel Batista from Dexter. And I just put on some bunny ears and called it a day...I never have been very good at the costume thing. 


We decided to go to our old church to check out their harvest festival. They had some cool stuff going on, but most of it Liam was too young for. He was able to go on a train ride and get lots of candy. He was so cute, walking from car to car holding up his pumpkin bucket to receive his treats. When we came home there were so many people walking around our neighborhood so we decided to hit up a few houses for more candy. Again, Liam was absolutely adorable! And, of course, I already had visions of next Halloween with Liam and Isabel rocking matching costumes. 

For bath time Alex made it extra special and did a glow-in-the-dark bath. I think Liam had too much fun because he had a hard time falling asleep at night. All in all, it was a succesful and fun-filled Halloween. :-)

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween!