Week 23 - Take 2

Another week has flown by in this pregnancy! It's a beautiful time here in Miami. The weather has cooled down a smidge and Thanksgiving will be kicking off the holiday season. Is there a better holiday to celebrate when you're pregnant than Thanksgiving?? I think not! We're having a huge feast with LOTS of people...that's just the way we do things in this family. I have so missed our large Thanksgiving gatherings while we were living in North Carolina and Colorado, so I can't wait to celebrate with everyone and eat a TON of food. 

Alex has been sick this week, he's even had to call out of work two days in a row. But so far I haven't caught his sickness! And neither has Liam. Hopefully it stays that way. I remember having a simple cold when I was pregnant with Liam and it was miserable. I can't imagine being sick and pregnant and taking care of a one-year old. Prayers for Alex are appreciated (and the rest of us as well). 

Here is week 23 in this belly series with the perfect pregnancy cardigan that fits over my growing belly (and it's not even maternity it's just a regular sweater from Old Navy, courtesy of my mom, thanks mom!)

Week 23 Web.jpeg