decking the halls

This Christmas season we are living with my grandmother in the house of my mom and dad. All our personal Christmas decorations/tree/stockings are packed in boxes in the garage. It's a little sad because these are little trinkets that we've collected over the years and I love bringing them out at Christmas time and remembering where we were when we purchased each little ornament. 

But even though we can't bring out our own decorations we have had fun getting my mom and dad's decorations out. They were in town for Thanksgiving so we had fun trimming the tree with them. I wasn't sure Liam would enjoy it (especially because the poor babe is sick) but he loved it! He mostly loved getting the little ball ornaments and chucking them across the room, thank God they're not made of glass! It'll be an interesting time keeping him away from the tree now but oh well, that's life with a toddler. 

Can you guys feel it??? It's Christmas time! Hope you're all having fun decking your halls.