Liam at 15 months

My boy is 15 months old today and since we stopped doing the baby series at 12 months I haven't really updated you all on how he's doing. 

I feel like Liam is growing at lightning speed. Everyday he develops a little more and does something new. He started walking a couple weeks ago (yay!) but still prefers to crawl or be carried (sigh). We're getting there. He just needs to build his confidence. He doesn't talk much. He still really only says mama...but he babbles a whole bunch and can sign some words. He signs 'more' and 'all done.' And when he wants to eat he puts his hand up to his mouth, I should probably count that as a sign too. Even though he doesn't speak much he understands a lot! He understands the words shoes, outside, eat, walk, stand up, throw, etc etc. It's amazing. Bath time is still a favorite around here. He's a fish. And he's thriving in swim class.

He loves playing with legos, balls, reading books, drawing with chalk and crayons, and music. His favorite tv shows are The Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba...he will also watch a little bit of Sesame Street, especially if Elmo is on. He also really enjoys playing with other kids and has been really good about not biting. He still tries to grab faces though. He's pretty affectionate and likes to hug other kids and Jaxon. He's a sweetheart. 

We transitioned him to a twin bed and he has been doing pretty well in the sleep department. He sleeps all night and there are no more tears at bedtime and naptime, but for some reason he's been waking up superrr early in the morning...and this time change hasn't helped! I'm thinking I should just switch him to one nap already and move up his bedtime. The problem is he's been waking up so early (hello 5am!) that he ends up knocking out for his nap by 9:30 at the latest...keeping him up past that is impossible. And I feel like if he's only going to take one nap it needs to be later then 9:30, no?? Any sleep experts out there?!? Hah. Overall, I can't complain when it comes to sleep...he is seriously so much better than he was before. 

Temper tantrums, we have them! Holy crap. They can be pretty intense but I'm learning to deal with them. I try to anticipate his needs and stay calm. And he's just learning his boundaries so tantrums are inevitable...he is a toddler afterall. He also has some serious mamitis. He has a fit if I try to leave him alone with anyone. He's okay with Alex, thank God, the boy loves his daddy. And we've had both grandmas babysit for us with no issues...but beyond that, it's not happening. 

And, of course, Liam is just as handsome as ever. He's got the best smile, the funniest laugh, the softest hair, the yummiest cheeks. I'm glad he's mine.