Week 26 - Take 2

A new week and I'm back to feeling exhausted. I'm trying to be more intentional with really wearing Liam out during the day. The boy has a lot of energy and I think when he's had a full day of playing and adventures he sleeps better at night. And we're all much happier when the boy sleeps a full night!...even if he does wake up before 6am every morning. But anyway, it's a lot for my preggo body to handle. I'm glad he's walking now and getting a teeny tiny bit better about independent playing but still...it ain't easy being pregnant and taking care of a toddler at the same time! I've resorted to napping daily with Liam which gives me a bit of an energy boost in the afternoon until Alex gets home from work. 

Speaking of Alex, he started a new job this week! He now works for our church as a "video storyteller." We are grateful for Apple and everything that company has provided for our family over the years, but it was time to move on. I know Alex will be much happier in this new role. This means that we won't be able to move out from my parents' house yet...which is fine...but since we're here for a bit longer than we first anticipated we have decided to fix up the nursery (which Liam and Isabel will share). We are getting a new closet system, painting the walls, and just adding a bit of an Acevedo touch. I'm definitely entering the "nesting" phase of this pregnancy so I'm excited to get started!

The other night Alex and I were getting ready to go to sleep when he decided to play some music for Isabel. He played Adele's "Crazy For You" and she was bumping around like crazy! She must be a fan. It's always fun when Alex and I can enjoy her movements together. Just about three months to go until Little Lady joins this family.

Week 26 Web.jpeg