Another 'Currently' post inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet.

Watching:  Dexter was pretty intense last night. This season wasn't my favorite but I really like how they ended the season and I'm looking forward to the next one! I have to wait so long though. I am loving Nashville. Can I move there already?? Alex even bought the soundtrack to the show, it's great! And I swear Whitney is the most hilarious comedy on TV right now. Feel free to disagree but I laugh out loud every time I watch an episode. 

Listening to: No lie, 99% of the time a song is stuck in my head it's a song from the Fresh Beat Band. I actually like the music, it's catchy (don't judge)! But holy hell, repeating it in my head over and over and over again is getting to me! ::Get out of my head::

Thinking about: Oh, you know, just life. I have days where I'm just so happy and feeling so blessed...and then I have other days where I'm just frustrated, bored, and confused. We have some decisions to make and a baby to prepare for...not to mention a toddler to care for. By the way, Liam has been sick lately and it's been the absolute WORST. We even rushed to urgent care on Saturday because he had a fever of 103.2 and was vomiting. That's never happened before! Turns out he has croup, so it's not too serious but damn if it doesn't suck. Sleep has been more challenging than usual (and if you know us, you know it's already a challenge) so I keep thinking about how in the world we'll survive. I know we will, everyone does, but when you're in the trenches it can be difficult to imagine. 

Loving: That it will soon be Christmas! Lord willing Liam will be fully recuperated by then and will be able to enjoy the magic of the season. I'd hate for him to spend Christmas feeling lousy.

Hating: Croup. Croup sucks. If I could kill croup, I would. I also hate that we missed by nephew's first birthday party on Sunday due to Liam's illness. I was really bummed all day.

Reading: I've read a few articles around the internet this week that have struck a chord with me. Many of them deal with the tragic shooting which occurred in CT on Friday. I'm sure almost everyone I know has read this article on the Huffington Post about a mom dealing with a son who is struggling with mental illness. As someone who studied Psychology and Counseling, mental health is a big deal to me. Then there's this post from an author I love about the Christian response to such a tragedy. And this one that goes alone the same heels and talks about how God can't be kept out of anywhere. If you're a Christian please read these! I really dislike the way some people talk in the media and these ladies wrote some excellent thoughtful articles that I fully agree with. Even if you're not a Christian you should read them because they are important and they express my heart so well in light of what happened on Friday. And finally, there's this funny little article that has reminded me that I'm NOT a total failure as a mother even though I've totally felt like I am lately. If you're a mom and you feel like you suck, read it. I hope it will cheer you up and show you that you're awesome.