Week 27 - Take 2

Well hello there final week of the second trimester! You're a sneaky one. Can you believe that by this time next week I will be in my third trimester?! How. Did. That. Happen? The third trimester is the most uncomfortable and I can't say I'm really looking forward to it. I've already been feeling pretty ache-y. The other day I was finishing up Christmas shopping at the Falls when I noticed my shins were especially sore. I've never had sore shins before! It seems like the entire lower half of my body is slowly giving out on me. It's raising the little white flag. I'm not surprised, Liam is a handful! He's my little explorer and always wants to be out and about looking for lizards and throwing rocks. I'm not going to make him sit inside all day so I allow him to explore and I follow him around even though I'd really like to be a lazy bum most days! He's also been especially clingy since he's been sick, so even though I've been trying not to carry him as much, sometimes it's unavoidable. Poor little bub. He is really in need of extra mama cuddles lately. I'm happy to oblige. 

Alex and I have been trying to plan out a little mini-remodel of the nursery and our room in preparation for Isabel. We need to make sure we make the most of the space we have so that everything is clean and organized. I tend to freak out a little in really cluttered spaces. It's that nesting instinct I tell you! We also made registries at Target and Buy Buy Baby. I am beyond excited that we get to buy some little girl things. I love my boy and there are some cute boy things out there but you can't deny the cute-ness of little baby dresses and flower headbands. Melt my heart. I'm also excited to see Alex in the role of "daddy to a little girl." He's going to be the biggest softy. Daddies and daughters always have a special relationship. 

Well, here is week 27. Wave goodbye to the second trimester bump, I'll be back next week with a big ol' third trimester bump. 

Week 27 Web.jpg