a home birth

I have mentioned here that Isabel Carmen will be born at home. I've always been interested in home births. It just seems like a fun experience. I know it's not exactly everyone's definition of a fun experience, but I'm seriously so excited about it. 

When I was pregnant with Liam I chose to give birth in a hospital, but my care was provided by a practice of midwives and the hospitals in Denver are very friendly towards unmedicated labors. It was a great experience which you can read about here. My labor was uncomplicated and I progressed beautifully. It was tough but we made it through and when Liam was placed on my chest after delivery it was one of the proudest moments of my life. Now we live in Miami and I am less than impressed by the hospitals and OBs around here. I searched online for a midwife and found Sheila Watson. I met with her (I also met with an OB/midwife practice that delivers at Baptist hospital, but at the end of the day I really wanted the home birth experience) and instantly knew she was the one for me. I love her philosophy on childbirth. I love how our appointments feel like meeting up with an old friend to discuss how the pregnancy is going.

So far my pregnancy has been fantastic and free of surprises or complications. Isabel is developing normally and I feel great (despite lack of sleep and some back pain). I've been blessed with a great and totally normal pregnancy experience so I see no reason why I shouldn't move forward with a home birth. Alex is 100% behind me and we feel excited and ready for Isabel's birth. I've asked several moms who have had hospital and home deliveries and they always say that no matter how well your hospital delivery went it just doesn't compare to birthing at home. 

Has anyone reading this ever had a home birth? Would you ever consider it? 

A photo of Liam and me right after he was born.

A photo of Liam and me right after he was born.