Week 25 - Take 2

Week 25 and I've been a lot better about my diet. Not gonna lie, I have had a couple donuts here and there but nowhere near the obscene amount of donuts I had last week.

I had a midwife appointment on Thursday and everything is just perfect with Little Lady. I love getting to hear her heartbeat and having the midwife tell me that I'm measuring right on track, etc. I feel so blessed to be going through this pregnancy. It came at a time that I never would have picked. I certainly was not "ready" to have another baby, but God's timing is so much better than our own. I'm getting the girl I always wanted and so far she is healthy as can be. I'm hopeful that Liam and Isabel will be the best of friends since they will be so close in age. I know there are many challenges ahead, but we will get through it as a family (Team Ace!).

Alex and I are going to try to make it out to Buy Buy Baby to make a registry for Isabel later this week. Thankfully I am able to borrow many baby items from my sister (since we left so much behind in Denver when we moved) but there are just a few things that Isabel will need when she arrives. I have also started planning a cute little baby shower for Isabel that I am so excited about! It won't be until the end of January but I just can't help but start getting everything together. Can't wait to celebrate this babu girl with all our loved ones.

Here is week 25!

Week 25 web.jpeg