pillow talk

Alex and I don't get a lot of time alone together. When he gets home from work he usually takes over with the baby while I get dinner ready or finish up chores. Once we finish eating we feed the baby, play with him, bathe him, put his PJ's on, read a couple books, and get him in bed. By the end if it all we are exhausted and I usually end up falling asleep as soon as the baby does (especially since he still wakes up so often at night) while Alex tries to get some work done on the computer. This is just the season of life that we're in right now.

But some nights we stay up and talk while we're snuggled in bed. I love it. I love burying myself in our covers and whispering back and forth about our day or what we dream the future will be like. I love connecting with him in that way before drifting off to sleep. It may not be a romantic candle-lit dinner at a fancy restaurant, but it's still him and me time. He really is my best friend and every minute I get alone with him is a gift.

Kristel Acevedo2 Comments