Mommy and Me

Now that I am emerging from the fog of the newborn stage I am beginning to seek out opportunities to connect with other moms in the area and have Liam get in some socializing time with other babies. There's a business in Cherry Creek called Belly Bliss that specializes in yoga but also has some mommy and me classes that caught my eye. Last week Liam and I went for the first time and he loved it. The class focuses on music and movement, two of Liam's favorite things. He exerted so much energy that as soon as I put him in the car to go home he knocked out. One of the moms at the class also told me that the library has this thing called Book Babies every week where they read books and have music for babies. I definitely plan on checking that out, especially since it's FREE. Being a stay-at-home mom can get monotonous so I'm thankful for these opportunities to get out and do something fun with Liam. Also, the weather has been warming up (hallelujah!) so we've been going on daily walks with Jaxon. This baby just loves being outside.

Moms and dads, what fun activities do you do with your babies?