my favorite part of the day

Liam is quickly growing and developing. He has become quite the active little boy who never sits still. I sometimes try to get him to cuddle with me on the couch or in bed but he doesn't tolerate that very well. He's very squirmy and always looking for something to do. I love it but it's exhausting! I can only imagine what it will be like when he's running around and jumping off of furniture!

That's why my absolute favorite part of the day is just before bedtime when I nurse him in his rocking chair with the lights turned down low. No matter how crazy he was being minutes before he instantly calms down and just drinks up his milk. He snuggles up close to me and let's me stroke his hair and kiss his cheeks. He takes his time nursing instead of finishing with lightning speed like at other feeding times during the day. It's just so sweet.

I hope we get to keep this ritual for a very long time. I used to think extended breastfeeding was weird, but I honestly don't anymore. I know we will definitely be nursing up to his first birthday and I'm confident we will continue to nurse after that as well. I'm not sure for how long. I don't see myself nursing a two or three year-old. I think Liam will probably wean himself before that but I wouldn't mind nursing until he's a year and a half or so...especially if we get to have those sweet cuddles before bedtime every night. Liam has already cut his nursing sessions in half. We were nursing up to 10 times a day until recently. Now we're down to just five. Someone asked me if I was relieved to not be nursing as much anymore...and I'm really not. I'm already missing it. I know it's part of being a mom...watching my son grow up and become more independent...but I can't help but wish he would stay little and needy.

For now I will just enjoy these days with my boy. I will cherish our nightly cuddle/nursing sessions because soon they will be long gone.