in case you missed it

I put a photo up on the blog a few days ago, but in case you didn't see it, or didn't understand what exactly it meant... We're moving! We don't have all the details worked out just yet. All we know is that we'll be moving home to Miami some time in October. We didn't arrive at this decision lightly. There was a lot of thinking and praying that went into it. At the end of the day our hearts are in Miami. All the people we love most are there and we feel ready to come home. We've done a lot of moving around since we were married almost four years ago and God has worked on us at each stage. And now it's just time. Time to come home and share what we've learned. Time to do ministry in this city that has been so influential on us. Time to be with family and close friends. Time to eat fritanga whenever our hearts desire!

I can't tell you how happy my heart is. I'm excited! We've never lived in Miami as a married couple...with a baby...and a dog! We will get to experience this city in a whole new way. We will get to re-discover what Miami has to offer. And we have the added benefit of Liam growing up with his cousins and grandparents. There's just nothing like family.

Oh Miami, get ready, we're coming for you.

*Photo above by talented South Florida photographer: Merari Photography