seven months

It's official, Liam is closer to the one year mark than he is to the newborn stage. Seven months old! 

I'm happy to report that his sleeping habits have slightly improved. He sleeps in his crib in his own room and wakes twice to nurse. Drastic improvment from prior months, but we still have setbacks. For some reason he was up for an hour last night, from 3:30-4:30...just up...not sure why. Maybe he was excited about turning seven months old. I'm praying he continues to sleep more and more but I get the feeling this will be a lifelong struggle with this child. ;-) I'm going to try night weaning soon (gradually from two nursings to one to none) so pray for that!

He is eating solid foods like a champ! He's had avocado, sweet potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, pears, peaches, green peas, carrots, yogurt... I've seasoned some of his food with garlic and onions...not a huge fan of the garlic. I've also let him chomp on apples (really helped when his teeth were hurting him one day, and yes, I was watching and holding the apple to make sure he didn't choke) and frozen grapes in one of those mesh feeders. Of course, his favorite is still oatmeal. He gobbles it up every night and I've even mixed pears or peaches with it on occassion. 

He is growing three new teeth right now. One on the bottom has broken through just a bit and the two on top are almost out. I can't imagine how much his poor gums must be hurting as they push their way through. Ouch. So he will soon be rocking five teeth in his mouth.  

He's still not close to crawling but he's been rolling like crazy. The other night we were reading our bedtime story and he rolled off the blanket towards the door and then rolled back. Hah! It was hilarious. He's also making the funniest squeaking noises all the time, especially when he's excited about something. He has learned where his toys are kept (in a box in the living room) and he reaches for it to tip it over and will go through them until he finds one he wants to play with (or chew on). He is very observant and always turns towards sounds and likes to see what is going on. When he sits on his chair at the dinner table he likes to throw his toys on the floor and then stares at them until we pick them up. He likes it when I sing to him, especially one silly song I made up all about "Baby Liam" and the various things he does. He enjoys going for walks. Yesterday we took him to the park and put him in the baby swing. He was very serious the whole time and staring at the other kids. It seems that his personality is shy, quiet, and observant. He really only lets loose at home. I don't know if that's a baby thing or a Liam thing but it's cute. He takes three naps a day, nurses five times, and has three solid food meals. Cloth diapering has been so much easier now that he's on solids. Cleaning the diapers is a breeze compared to when he was exclusively breastfed.

I've already started planning his first birthday party! It will be mid-August in Miami and the theme is nautical. I. Can't. Wait. 

Happy Seven Months, baby boy. Mama and Papa love you very much.