I Quit

A while ago I wrote about the baby connect app I use and love. It's been a very helpful tool in my parenting tool belt. In the beginning it really helped me understand what Liam's needs were. Even after, when we started introducing solids, it helped me keep track of what he had tried and if he had a bad reaction to it. But now, it's become an obsession, mainly with tracking sleep. I end up losing more sleep trying to make sure I start and stop the timers each time he falls asleep and wakes up. I stare at the little graphs trying to figure out why last night he slept all night but the night before that he woke up three times. I get anxiety about leaving him alone with anyone because they won't remember to keep up with the app. It's silly. Like I said, it was helpful in the beginning but with my personality type, it's not helpful anymore. So I'm quitting. No more baby connect app, not for this mama. I feel so liberated! I'm hoping this will help me relax a little and go with the flow. And with our next baby, I'm not even going to start. It's just not good for me. I'd rather enjoy my baby than fiddle around with some app.