I saw Danielle from Sometimes Sweet do a post like this and decided to play along. I can't keep neglecting my dear old blog! So here we go, this is what's currently going on...

Obsessing over: Getting this place organized! Since we know we're moving in October I would really like to de-junkify our house. We're planning on taking only the very basics with us and getting rid of everything else. I've been making a mental list of what we'll do with everything but I need to buckle down and actually get started.

Working on: Being a more patient and loving wife. We started nap training over here and got off to a rough start (it's going much better now!). As a result I was taking out a lot of stress and anger on my husband. Poor guy. I know he's trying his best to take care of all his responsibilities but I can't help but wish he could be around more. Anyway, I finally realized that no matter what I have to respect my husband, even when I'm so stressed out and annoyed that I want to punch him in the face. ;-) Love you, babe.

Thinking about: Summertime! I'm looking forward to doing fun, outdoor, summer things with the baby. Plus, he will be turning ONE. Holy crap. Is this really happening?!

Anticipating: So. Many. Things. Our upcoming trip to Miami in July. Liam's birthday in August. Moving in October. Oh, and our fourth wedding anniversary is at the end of May and Alex promised he'd take me to this fancy steakhouse to celebrate. My mouth is already watering.

Listening to: Bon Iver playing softly from Liam's nursery as he takes a nap. It's his favorite.

Eating: Pringles... Ugh, I know. Terrible. I was craving a salty snack and we didn't have many options. :-/ Okay, I promise I will never buy Pringles again... at least not for a very long time.

Wishing: I could play with my cutie baby nephew Julian. He's so cute it kills me! I know a handful of other babies I wish I could play with also. Soon enough!