First Mama's Day

Yesterday was my first official Mother's Day. It started off with Liam sleeping 11.5 hours straight and waking up for the day at 7:30am! Unheard of! That was definitely the best Mother's Day gift for this sleep-deprived mama. Alex made a delicious breakfast of strawberry pancakes, sausage, and potatoes. And then he gave me another awesome gift, an Olympus Pen camera! I love it! Carrying my Rebel around was such a hassle with all the baby stuff I need to lug around with me, so I was always relying on my phone for pictures. Now I have this amazing little camera that I can pop into my diaper bag and be on my way.

After Liam's morning nap we all went to Stapleton for lunch before my mom needed to head to the airport. We ate at Ling & Louie's which is always a good choice. We made a Target run (every mom's favorite shopping destination!) before Liam's afternoon nap.

That evening we went to church. I ended up hanging out in the nursery with Liam because he is still having some separation anxiety issues and who else would I rather spend Mother's Day with than the boy who calls me Mama (or will one day when he can talk!).

After Liam went to sleep for the night Alex and I ate Ling & Louie's leftovers (yummmm) and watched Mad Men (Sunday night tradition). We ended the night munching on homemade white chocolate strawberries (thanks babe!).

I am definitely a blessed mama.