Thoughts on Moving

The day we make the move back to Miami is getting closer and closer. I'm obviously really excited about moving home. I'm happy that I will be with family and my closest friends. I'm happy to be back in that tropical climate surrounded by crazy Hispanics. But I can't help but worry. About lots of things.

What are we going to do with our house in Denver? I'd like to sell it. Can we find a buyer so quickly? If we end up renting it, will it be difficult being landlords from across the country?

Where will we live in Miami? Temporarily we will stay with my grandmother, which is fantastic, but for how long? What part of Miami will we live in? What can we afford? What about a school for Liam? Where will we work? Do I want to work? Do I want to continue staying home with Liam?

What about paying for a moving truck, etc? What about having all our mail forwarded? This will be our fourth move since getting married, and there will be one more (when we move from my grandmother's house to our future home). I'm kinda tired of moving. I want to settle down already.

What if I still feel lonely? I know I'm an introvert and it's difficult for me to be intentional with my relationships at times. Also, it's been four years since we moved from Miami. Friends have continued living their lives without us. Is there room for us in their new lives?

How will this affect Liam? He's a sensitive baby. He likes the familiar. How will he adjust to the time difference...the climate difference...all the new faces. What about Jaxon? Will he be okay?

At the end of the day I know God is in charge of this whole move. He knows all the answers to my questions and worrying is a waste of time...but I'm only human. My faith is in a weakened state right now. I'm tired. I'm worn out. And our family needs lots of prayer.