Liam's First Haircut!

I forgot to share on the blog that Liam got his first official haircut last Saturday. We went to Jack & Jill's Children's Salon in Cherry Creek and they did a fantastic job. Liam looked so cute sitting in his Mercedes as the lady clipped his hair. He did pretty well but wasn't digging the lady touching his face so we had to move him to sit in my lap to finish up the haircut. We also played his favorite Wiggles song on my mom's phone to keep him distracted.

He looks so handsome with his new do. I feel like he aged in the ten minutes it took to cut his hair! He doesn't look like my little baby anymore, he looks like a grown toddler!


P.S. It's my 27th Birthday today! I am enjoying it with my handsome boys. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes I have received. I feel very loved!