nine months

Liam has been out in the world for as long as he was in my belly...nine months/39 weeks. Someone told me that when you have little ones "the days are long but the years are short." How true it is! Some days (and nights!) seem to drag on forever, but here we are, nine monhs later...soon I'll have a one year-old!

Liam is quite the adventure-seeker. He started crawling so he is geting into everything, especially things he shouldn't like cables and Jaxon's water bowl. Sitting still is never an option for this one. He likes to watch Baby Einstein and will sometimes sit still while he watches but not always. He's a busy and curious boy. 

He likes to eat...everything. I'm pretty sure his stomach is a bottomless pit. He eats a mixture of purees and finger foods. He does this thing when I spoon-feed him where he clamps down on the spoon with his teeth and doesn't let go. I have no idea why he does that but it's pretty funny. We're going to try to give him eggs soon...last time he wasn't a fan but I think this time I will mix it with some avocado and see how it goes. He eats three solids meals a day, plus snacks in between, and nurses four times a day. He drinks water from a sippy cup and we give him prune juice (mixed with water) when he gets backed up, but no other juices yet. 

His sleep is...inconsistent. He has good nights and bad nights. He was doing so well sleeping in his crib all night and napping in his crib during the day, but ever since he got sick (and even before when he was having some digestive issues) his sleep has been thrown off. It's pretty nightmare-ish, but I keep thinking that things will get better. When he's feeling 100% again we will try to be more firm with him regarding his sleep. Sighhhh.

This boy has been experiencing some major separation/stranger anxiety. He usually only hangs out with me and Alex so other people are a bit iffy to him. He does okay with other people as long as one of us is with him, but if we leave him alone...oy vey, meltdown! I know it's normal at his age but I'm hoping when we move back to Miami he will be okay with his grandparents and other family members. We facetime with them everyday so I think he recognizes them. Alex and I are going to need some date nights so Liam will have to get used to it!

He doesn't say any words yet but babbles quite a bit and has started putting consonant sounds and vowels together like "ba" and "ma." He also does this funny grunt that sounds like a motor starting up. It's hilarious. He also likes it when I tap the table or the floor, he will laugh and then copy me. It's cute. 

Overall, Liam is a happy and healthy boy. I love him so much and feel so blessed to have this little boy in my life, even if he doesn't let me sleep! ;-)