another cloth diaper update

I've had several requests to give an update on how cloth diapering is going so far. I'm happy to report that we still use and love cloth diapers. I phased out the fuzzibunz (and actually sold many of them to a local baby store) and have only been using bumgenius. I know many people love the fuzzibunz but I just like the bumgenius better. I also decided that I like the velcro ones better than the snaps. Both have pros and cons but when you have a very wiggly baby, velcro is the way to go. It's a personal preference.

We still use disposables at night but I'm strongly considering switching to cloth at nighttime too, especially since Liam is night weaned and his diapers aren't overloaded in the morning anymore. If we do switch over I plan on getting some really absorbent hemp liners at the suggestion of a fellow cloth diapering mama. We also use disposables whenever it's convenient. Sometimes if we will be out for a long time I will just put a disposable on him rather than worry about carrying a bunch of bulky cloth diapers.

Due to the very hard water we have here in Denver the diapers were beginning to get a bad smell. So I had to strip them several times. This basically involved rinsing them in hot water several times and doing a wash with some Dawn dish washing liquid. It definitely did the trick and now when I wash the diapers I do a cold rinse, hot wash, and hot try to get rid of any laundry detergent build up. I still use Seventh Generation Free & Clear, it works great for us.

Also, since Liam started solids his stools are so much easier to clean! When he has a poopy diaper I just plop it into the toilet and flush it. The used diaper is barely dirty most of the time and I just stick it in the wet bag. I don't even have to rinse it off first (like when he was only breastfed). There have been a few nasty diapers but I just use the diaper sprayer to rinse it off before sticking it in the wet bag.

So that's the basic update. Cloth diapers are a major win in our family. Read previous cloth diapering posts here and here, and if you have any questions feel free to contact me!