let the madness begin

I debated sharing this news because I don't want to jinx anything buuut here we go! After having our house on the market for less than a week we received multiple offers and settled on a deal with a very sweet buyer. I can't believe how fast that went! Talk about an answer to prayer! Closing date, as of now, is July 13th. We may have to push it back some but we will definitely be moving by the end of July.

Now we have to set up inspections, pack our belongings, sell all the furniture we don't want, book plane tickets, book a moving truck, etc etc etc...all in less than a month, people! Ack! I'm nervous...but mostly I'm excited. This isn't our first rodeo. Alex and I have moved from Miami to Wake Forest to Raleigh to Denver in our four years of marriage...and now back to Miami. I know we will get everything done in time. It's different now that we've added a baby to the mix, but I'm confident that everything will be just fine.

Thank you to all who have offered to help us during this crazy time. We are so appreciative and will be calling you up when it's time to pack up. ;-) Please continue praying for us. Even though we have accepted an offer, anything can happen between now and closing date. Nothing is for sure until keys are handed over. And pray most of all for the baby. I love this sweet boy so much and I am hoping he handles all this transition well. I would hate for him to feel insecure and frazzled.