I hear a lot that parents need to prioritize their marriage over their children. I understand where these people are coming from. A healthy marriage is integral to a healthy family. Alex and I need to make time for each other and work on our relationship. And some day Liam will grow up, move out, and maybe even start his own family. Then Alex and I will be left alone and we don't want to be strangers.

At the same time, I feel that since the time we have with Liam is so short, in the grand scheme of things, that we should prioritize him in our lives right now. Alex and I don't have regular date nights. We don't get a whole lot of alone time. We sacrifice a lot to ensure Liam is safe and happy and spending lots of time with us. I wouldn't say we practice attachment parenting to the letter, but we definitely lean that way. I think we are both okay with putting Liam first for now. He will only be this tiny for a short while. He will only breast feed for a short while. He will only be in diapers for a short while. He will only need regular naps for a short while. Soon he will be running off with his friends at the park. And soon after that he will be taking girls on dates. And soon after that he will be leaving for college.

Before we know it we will have an empty nest and all the time in the world to go on dates and vacations together, just the two of us.