breastfeeding essentials

A pregnant friend asked me the other day about nursing-friendly clothing so I thought I'd write a quick post about my favorite breastfeeding products that every nursing mother should invest in. Here we go!...

- Nursing bras. I found that the best and most comfy bras were the $16 ones from Target. These come in handy when you're first starting out. It makes things just a little easier. Eventually you will get the hang of things and you'll be able wear regular bras again.

- Sleep bra. In the beginning I tried to sleep with just a tank...I quickly realized that this practice resulted in very wet shirts. Even wearing nursing pads under my tank didn't work. I needed the sleep bra to keep the pads in place. Eventually when Liam finally night weaned my breasts adjusted their supply and I finally ditched the sleep bra.

- Nursing pads. You will definitely need these! Your breasts will seriously start leaking at random moments of the day and it will be embarrassing for you if you don't wear nursing pads. The disposable ones worked best for me. I had some washable ones but they were too thick and you could clearly see them through my shirt. Also, I have heard from some ladies that the washable ones irritated them because they would get wet so easily and rub them the wrong way. Just throwing that out there. Again, your breasts will eventually adjust their supply and you won't need them anymore. I haven't worn them in months.

- Tops that easily pull up or down. I love v-necks, button up shirts, wrap dresses...anything that gives me easy access. Even t-shirts that you can easily pull up are great. If you're going to be nursing in public just wear a cami underneath that you can easily pull down so your tummy isn't exposed.

- Breast pump. Liam doesn't take bottles but it has still been great to be able to pump milk to mix with his oatmeal or other foods. I admit I'm not a fan of pumping but that's why it's nice to have a good pump so I can get it over with quickly and efficiently. I have one from Medela, it's great.

- Breast milk. A lot of moms experience nipple pain/soreness. You can buy lanolin cream or other similar products, but honestly what worked best for me was squirting a little bit of breast milk on my nipples after each feeding. Plus with a lot of creams you have to make sure you wipe it off before the baby feeds because it can be harmful if the baby consumes it. I'd rather not risk it.

I am obviously a huge breastfeeding enthusiast. I'm proud that we have made it this far and I'm passionate about helping other moms along the way. Please please please, if you're a new mom with breastfeeding questions, contact me. I'd love to help with any advice or encouragement. Breastfeeding did not come easily or naturally for me. We had a lot of difficulties but worked past them. I had a lot of friends encourage and help me along the way, and I'm thankful for that. So again, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me! Happy breastfeeding!