Family Update

• We are moving to Miami in AUGUST instead of October. There are many reasons for this change but the biggest one is that we believe it'll be easier for the baby. We were already traveling to Miami in August for his birthday so we didn't want to have to make two trips. We are excited!

• Along with excitement we are really feeling a lot of anxiety! The pressure is on! We have less than two months to pack everything up and figure out what to do with our house. We would love to sell it but the few opportunities we had have fallen through.

• We plan on living with my grandmother for some time but we don't want it to be for too long. We would love to find our own home and get settled in as soon as possible. We were thinking about South Miami but we're just not sure. We want to stay in Miami and we want a decent neighborhood that isn't too far south or out of the way. We both grew up in Kendall but we just don't want to live there anymore if we don't have to.

• I haven't been sleeping well AT ALL lately. I wake up constantly throughout the night, which is really too bad since Liam is such a champion sleeper now! I think it's a combination of my body being used to waking up (when Liam was always waking up), shoulder pain that I've been dealing with lately, and anxiety about everything that is going on. I'm tired.

• I know Alex is feeling overwhelmed with work (he's been getting a lot of freelancing gigs on top of his responsibilities at Apple) and the move and being there as a father and husband. I wish I could make it easier for him but I'm not really sure what to do. This is just a tough and busy season in the life of our family. Hopefully once we get through these two months life will ease up a bit.

• Liam is just awesome. :-) He is learning so much everyday, but I think along with that comes frustration when he can't do something he really wants to do. He is starting to throw tantrums. I'm talking back-arching, red-faced, screaming tantrums. They never last more than a few seconds but man, it can get irritating! I need a lot of patience and energy to parent him well.

That is basically what's up with the Acevedo family. We really covet your prayers at this time. It hasn't been easy but I know we will get through it all. Thanks to those who have been checking in on us and offering to help in any way you can. I can't tell you how much it means to us.