Baby Lunch

It's no secret that I hate cooking. If I could hire a personal chef, I would! But I've been having a lot of fun preparing food for Liam, especially now that he's not eating purees so much. He loves feeding himself so I've been experimenting with all kinds of new foods and textures. Lunch is the most fun for some reason. Usually breakfast is just yogurt (occasionally he will have eggs, usually mixed with avocado, and some fruit) and dinner is oatmeal with veggies (separately, not mixed together). Occasionally he will just eat whatever we are eating for dinner if it's baby-friendly. So lunch is where I get to have the most fun. I just walk into the kitchen and figure something out on the spot. I've been posting pictures of his lunch on instagram and have received a lot of great responses! People are interested in the food choices I make and like seeing different ideas. They also can't believe how much food he eats! I'm telling you, the boy loves to eat.

What do your kids eat for lunch?

raspberries and blueberries, sweet potato bite, avocado.

veggie pasta, sweet potato apple corn puree, banana. 

spinach peas pear puree, blueberries, mandarin oranges, sweet potato bites.

pear mango puree, spinach bites, mac n cheese, banana.

pita bread, watermelon, carrot rice cakes, cheese, apple carrot puree.

peaches, cous cous, pita bread with hummus, cucumber.

buttered pasta, watermelon, blueberries, banana, chicken sweet potato puree.

broccoli apple puree, blueberries, cheese, cucumber with hummus, avocado.