We are nearing Liam's first birthday so I've been thinking a lot about weaning him from breastfeeding. I don't want this to be an abrupt process. I would like to gradually drop feedings and make all of this nice and easy. But I still have so many questions and worries! Maybe some other mamas can help me out with their experiences.

• What type of milk? We never drink cow's milk. Neither Alex or I like it so years ago we started drinking almond milk and we love it. I kind of just want to give Liam almond milk so we don't have to start buying cow's milk. Almond milk has a lot of vitamins in it and I'm not worried about him not getting the fat from cow's milk that people say kids need because he eats other healthy fats like avocado and cheese. He has a very balanced diet and isn't a picky eater at all. So what say you? Any moms out there give their kids almond milk?? Oh, and how much am I supposed to give him? I've also been told hemp milk is very nutritious but I've never tried it.

• Liam usually nurses in the morning when he wakes up and when he wakes up from each of his naps during the day (two times). He actually is kind of grumpy when he first wakes but is all smiles after he nurses. This makes me think he needs something after he wakes up because maybe his blood sugar is a little low??? I'm not a nutrition expert but I do know I've woken up grumpy from naps and feel better after I eat something. So will it be okay to replace his breastfeeding with milk? Will water suffice? Or a small snack? Basically, does milk have to replace each nursing session or can it be something else? I should say, he never drinks juice and I would prefer to keep it that way as long as possible. Any other reason for the grumpiness you can think of??

• I definitely don't want to wean to a bottle because then we will just have to wean from that later. He does well with his sippy cup so do I just continue with that?? When should I try to give him a regular cup?

• Liam also nurses before bed. It's the one way he calms down enough and gets drowsy for sleepy time. Otherwise I think he would just play all night long. Hah. I'm kind if afraid of taking that away from him and bedtime becoming a mess.

I think those are all my questions and concerns for now. So let's hear it mamas. Advice? Help? Words of encouragement?