it's crunch time

We are busy little bees over here. The baby just went down for a nap so I'm taking 30 minutes to catch my breath and update the blog a little bit.

We got the trailer yesterday and are beginning to load up our stuff and make several runs to Good Will for things that just didn't make the cut. One of those things is Liam's thrifted dresser. Tears! Alex is just fed up with it and since we have limited space, it's staying. Oh well.

My parents arrived this morning and have been working hard! Packing boxes, cleaning, making runs to Starbucks and Good Will. We are SO blessed. I was getting ready to chuck everything in the dumpster, but my mom is a very take-charge kind of person and we needed that around here! Thanks Mami and Papi!

The buyer of our house is making her final walk-through tonight! Ack! So even though we officially close tomorrow afternoon everything needs to be ready by the time she arrives at 7pm. We'll be cutting it close, but I think we'll make it.

Liam has been very challenging lately. I don't know if it's all the changes or what but he is Mr. Sensitive! He screams and cries at the drop of the hat. It's frustrating but I have to do my best to be patient and loving. Woooosahhh.

Alright folks, two days until we land in Miami!