Hello from Miami

Hey friends. Liam and I (along with my mom) arrived safely in Miami on Saturday. Liam did phenomenal on the plane! I was seriously impressed. Alex and Jaxon arrived at 3:05 in the morning on Monday (305!). So our little family is complete and we are working on getting settled in to my grandma's house. 

Liam has had a more difficult time. He has a hard time with strangers and new situations. But I think he is slowly becoming acclimated. We went to swim class this morning and he had a great time. Unfortunately we already had our first urgent care visit. Liam cut his forehead on the corner of the coffee table. He's doing okay and thankfully it's a superficial wound. 

Many things are still up in the air but hopefully we will slowly figure out what life looks like here. I wish I could give a more detailed update but there's just no time right now. I will be back soon, blog friends! Thanks for reading!