eleven months

It's hard to believe that my baby will be a year old in just a month, but here we are, at the eleven month mark. Liam continues to amaze me with all the new things he can do. He is cruising along furniture. He is wanting to stand up all the time. He eats everything. He understands how to talk on the phone. He claps and waves and sometimes he high fives. He's still on two naps a day, at 10am and 3pm. He sleeps from about 8/8:30pm-6:30/7am every night. He likes to cuddle with pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. He's been going to swim classes and can already float all by himself. He's just an amazing little boy. Alex is in a constant state of disbelief at how much Liam is growing everyday. 

We're still nursing four times a day and I'm not sure what the weaning process will look like for us. In a couple weeks I plan on introducing either cow's milk or almond milk...haven't decided which yet. Any insight from fellow moms is appreciated! Sometimes he nurses with lightning speed and other times he takes his time so I'm not sure if he's ready or not. We will see how it goes! I'm thinking that with our move to Miami next week we might need to hold on to nursing just a bit longer. I mean, his whole world is changing and nursing is a source of comfort for him. 

Anyway, that's the gist of it all. My baby is growing up, he's eleven months old, and life just keeps getting better and better. Here is his 11 month photo, posing with his car (he loves playing with his cars!):